BLOGGED // Shooting Whilst Pregnant // Part 2

Part 2 of Georgie's blog about shooting whilst pregnant!

We're delighted that long time member Georgie David has written this 3 part blog series about shooting whilst pregnant and the run up to her first day in the field with a baby on board. If you missed part 1, read it here >>


Due to the snow, I booked a train to rural Wiltshire – pre-pregnancy I would have chanced it in my Mini Cooper but with my baby on board absolutely not..anotherthing to consider is rural roads in winter weather, which of course are part and parcel of shooting.

I packed two pairs of boots – my trusty Le ChameauVierzenords, which have a great grip on the heavy-duty sole, although are on the slim-fit side of things calf wise so possibly not ideal if you’re suffering from swelling, and my even more trusty riding boots which have seen me through torrential snow storms while living in New York City, many muddy days in the field, and a few rounds of amateur polo. they have never let me down! A big concern in the field is that we are carrying the most precious cargo, so do not want any trips or falls to happen! I considered a walking stick, but as my balance seems to be unaffected I’ve ditched that idea and feel ok with just sturdy boots with very good grip. My good friend and fellow bun clubber who will be in the line have also offered me, if needed, full use of her husband who’s coming along (again –how times have changed)! My host has also been very supportive and encouraging and offered me a seat in the buggy between drives if it’s very rough terrain for me to walk through. My host has also very kindly let me bring a peg buddy with me - my good friend and all-round legend Claire Sadler - who will take the drives if I feel tired etc (and up my ratio and the bag significantly no doubt)! I’m absolutely fine on my own on a peg ordinarily and would feel ok on this occasion too, but I do feel better with a buddy just being there on this occasion(especially a cracking shot like Sadler)!

Next, to consider, something that has been a big issue for me throughout my pregnancy – I need to pee like 5000 times a day. Something I’m sure we’ve all had to deal with in the field before, and consider when wearing lots layers etc… bear those extra trips behind a tree in mind is all ladies! A little packet of baby wipes will be in my cartridge bag, and I’ve gone for my usual field attire of - skinny khaki jeans (the over bump type – an extra layer)!, a vest, a tight t-shirt, one of those jumpers that look like they have a shirt underneath but are only cuffs and a collar attached(I’d highly recommend these in pregnancy - no button-up shirt in the world can accommodate my boobs right now)!and a silk scarf. Instead of shooting socks which might be too bulky with slightly swollen ankles, I’m going for a pair of boot liners from Dubarry – they’re thinner than shooting socks but equally as toasty, and the fur tops that go over the top of your boots are a lovely stylish look (I consider myself equal to the men in the field and it’s never really been an issue for me on a peg, but, I am, after all still a girl and I want to be stylish as well as warm and practical)!I’ve managed to find all the clothes I need for shooting from the maternity ranges in shops like Zara and H&M.


I’ll be wearing my usual shooting jacket from Purdey, a brilliant all-rounder, which luckily still fits if I leave the last button undone! If you’re struggling for a maternity field coat then a cape might be a good idea, although I’m not convinced they’re practical in the field. Even better, I‘ve seen beautiful and practical tweed smocks by Emma Brown Tweed, which look suitably practical for the field during and post-pregnancy, as well as warm and stylish, and they’re also waterproof!

I know I’ve mentioned a few brand names in this article but I would like to assure any readers again that I’m not a professional writer (you can probably tell by this point)!These are all my genuine recommendations - the only benefit of me mentioning them would be to other ladies if they need recommendations! I’d be lost without the experiences and recommendations of other lady guns who have shot while pregnant, and the basis of this article really is just to collate and share all of that experience on a subject that’s not documented anywhere else.


Some of the best suppers and nights out I’ve ever had have been post-shoot, which definitely involved a lot of alcohol… This, however, is the company you’re in, not what you’re drinking! I will still have an amazing weekend with great company whether there’s alcohol involved or not (and I will make up for it next season)!


Part 3 is coming soon!