Liz wins the Browning Liberty Light on #NLSD2018

Our #NLSD2018 Members Draw Winner is Liz Ditchfield!

Liz won a Browning Liberty Light 12g from our amazing gun sponsor Browning!

In June this year our incredible gun sponsor Browning very generously gave us one of their Browning Liberty Light shotguns to give away for National Ladies’ Shooting Day 2018.

All members who attended a #NLSD2018 event went in to a draw to win the gun, we couldn’t be happier that Liz Ditchfield from Gloucestershire was the lucky winner!

Liz (pictured right) recently picked up her Browning Liberty Light is a delighted with her new gun, scroll down to see what she said!

Browning Liberty Light
It’s a lovely gun to handle, chunky enough to know and feel it’s a 12 bore, but easy to manage and easy to keep shooting for a prolonged period of time. First time I went out with it, I shot 100 cartridges easily, having being used to shooting only my 20 bore previously. I’d also say it’s given me confidence to go for more challenging targets (more distant/higher targets) than I’ve tried previously. I’m delighted with it, it also looks great, and still can’t quite believe how lucky I’ve been to get it - so thank you (and Browning) again!
Browning Liberty Light.png

More about the Liberty Light

Designed for women, youngsters and hunters that are not fully satisfied with regular buttstocks, such is the main characteristic of the new 12 Magnum shotgun. It has an aluminium action frame decorated with new engravings and possesses a Monte Carlo style stock with an adapted pitch, a pistol grip and two recoil pads supplied in the box. Well balanced and light, its level of technical perfection will give you a feeling of real liberty.