10% off Emma Brown Tweed at The Game Fair!

A little something from our friends at Emma Brown Tweed!

Hello Emma here from Emma Brown Tweed as always I love supporting NLSD shooting is something I’m hugely passionate about that’s why I started my business.

This year we have a rather beautiful stand at the game fair at Hatfield house on 26th-28th July on gun makers row stand M1286 we will have our full range of shooting clothes there for you to see and some new designs. We are also launching our new ‘Emma Brown Tweed experience ‘ so to celebrate this amazing event NLSD19 I’m offering each and everyone one of you 10% off at the game fair all you have to do is print this email off and bring it with you 

So looking forward to seeing you all and I hope you’ve had an incredible NLSD19 

With love from Emma xx