We are 8

Eight incredible years!

ladies shooting

On September 26th 2011, Victoria Knowles-Lacks took four non-shooting friends to South Worcester Shooting Ground. The girls shot under instruction and then got stuck into some cake! They had the most unbelievable day and what a journey it's been since!

I just had no idea back in 2011 what we’d go on to create. I’m so proud.
— Victoria Knowles-Lacks

Fast forward 8 years, here are 8 of our proudest achievements:

  1. We’ve changed an industry and well and truly put women's shooting on the map. Before us, there were, of course, incredible women who shoot, but no women's shooting industry like there is now!

  2. We’ve welcomed 20,000+ women through our events!

  3. We’re the single biggest entry point info shooting for women, by a country mile. Plus, our initiative National Ladies' Shooting Day is the biggest all women clay shooting event in the WORLD!

  4. Our community is based on support, friendship and camaraderie, something which has been there since the start.

  5. We’ve won 10 awards!

  6. So many of our members who started shooting through us have gone on to achieve massive things on the competition clay circuit and out in the field!

  7. We have the best team of 6 regional officers who run the events and who do such a super job + a team of BRILLIANT helpers and hosts!

  8. Our events have been the catalyst for changing lives through confidence, friendship and opportunity.

The list goes on, it’s not possible to list all of the amazing highlights, moments and achievements, but if you've been a part of it, you'll know. Our club has changed lives and the impact has been so far-reaching.

The S&CBC is such a team effort and we wouldn’t have got this far without the support of our past and present incredible hosts, grounds, members, supporters and of course sponsors Hull Cartridge, Alan Paine and Browning.

At our events is definitely where the magic happens. Regardless of your standard of shooting, whether you’re an absolute first-timer, or if you’ve been shooting for years, we’d love to have you along.