Progress Log!

Make your intentions known!

We can all benefit from serious accountability and we love to see your progress and your wins.

If you feel like you need some encouragement and accountability, no matter where you are on your shooting journey, then we'd love you to comment below. Your intentions could be anything shooting related from getting on and applying for your licence, committing to a course of lessons, getting out there and shooting on your own for the first time, or you could be working towards shooting a competition or game for the first time.

An example could be: ''I'm committing to applying for my licence. I need to download the form from my local police constabulary, get my photos done and find some to countersign it. I'm committing to getting this all done by 1st Jan 2018''

- Or - 

''I'm committing to shooting my first competition. I know I'm ready but I've been putting it off! If anyone has any words of wisdom or wants to come with me, please let me know!